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               The main objective in the North Sea decommissioning projects is to ensure that it is executed in a safe manner, no harm to people and environment and cost is expected to be reduced if possible. North Sea Decommissioning Market in coming years is expected to be a growing business, AD-BUD came across expectations of potential customers to improve this process by offering the most efficient services. To contribute for reduction of the cost we offer an alternative, we proposing transport of modules and construction to our yards in Poland. It is an essential idea that definitely will help in cutting costs to the aimed 35% within a 10 years as previously stated by the OGUK.  The decommissioning cost onshore can be reduced even to a few thousand pounds, which at first look may seem impossible to achieve, we can do that, we have conducted some of research and interviews with companies that have confirmed our expectations. With more than 4 months of researching cost-saving methods for onshore recycling and having many face to face interviews and a problem of onshore decommissioning seems to be solved.  It may be breakthrough for OGUK decommissioning market. It can be achieved as methods we provide are relatively inexpensive when comparing it to the same services in UK lands. Once the platform arrives at one of the chosen ports we taking care to deliver the project in a safest and most efficient way. The manpower we operate is fully qualified to execute an operation of decommissioning. Some companies can classify many things as waste with no potential future use, we thought otherwise as it can be reused or at least recycled in most cases. Aim to achieve 99% of material reused and recycled become real when working with us. Shipyards that are easily arranged by us are enough deep for receiving constructions. Once the platform is handed to our hands in port the costs of decommissioning actually reach the end. Manpower is very efficient,  such an example that some difficulties other contracts have experienced we can look into an example of the Brent Delta as is still existing on Teesside. The onshore decommissioning activities were planned for 12 months, however after this period there only about half of the platform was dismounted.