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              Relatively inexpensive services onshore and manpower that is fully qualified to particular tasks and can bring project till the end with no harm to people and the environment?  Here we are.
All activities before and during particular projects are aimed in pursuit of health and safety operations. Environmental guidelines and financial standards are pivotal. Cost of onshore decommissioning is still crucial in the total cost of decommissioning and to improve supply chain in the effectiveness of this process we can provide an unbeatable cost of onshore services that consist of all onshore activities so recipe and recycling of whole modules. Once the platform arrives at the shore this is our responsibility to deal with this challenge in the safest way. We can cover most of our costs for handling the onshore decommissioning process from re-selling the old materials and metals from old rigs which are still usable in our country, however, in the United Kingdom or Norway they will be rather classified as a waste or just a scrap.

             Our contract with the human resources company which always provide us with fully qualified technicians is beneficial. All type of waste can be handled with us, we operate a fully licensed and issued by an appropriate authorities sites. Amounts of recycled materials including hazardous waste are always provided in a form of certificate that complies with law regulations. Regarding hazardous substances that obviously are present in this industry all work is performed by certified workers to these particular types of hazardous materials. Scrap yards and landfills are well located and all removed materials can be easily transported to the sites. For more information, please visit the North Sea section.

              ‘’You can’t really approach the decommissioning challenge in traditional ways; traditional thinking will get you traditional results.We really do have to think quite deeply and differently about it, and draw on all the expertise in the industry, take on the issues, find the solutions and smart ways of working together whether in execution strategies of contracting strategies.’’
Steve Phimister, Upstream Director UK and Ireland, Shell
(Quoted in Offshore Engineer, November 2017)